E-mail Marketing for Hotels

The hospitality industry is no doubt one of the most competitive businesses in the labour market. For this reason alone, effective marketing is absolutely important towards the success of a hotel. But like any other business, hotels equally have a limited marketing budget and without a detailed and data driven marketing plan in place, you would simply be spending money on marketing without getting your desired results. This is why email marketing for hotels is a key marketing channel: research has shown that email marketing returns on the average $38 for every $1 spent, making it one of the best marketing avenue with a huge ROI.


How BookLogic’s e-mail marketing tools MailOn Help for hotels ?

We help you create personalized, scripted and result oriented email marketing campaigns! We equally use our powerful and effective tools to ensure your emails go directly to its recipient’s inbox.

We provide automation with your campaigns to help you drive leads through a sales funnel, which will be optimized continually. Knowing that you can easily create, apply and track new campaigns, helps you focus on analyzing the results. Doing this will further help drive more conversions.

How We can Assist You?

BookLogic’s online marketing experts are well trained to effectively communicate your message to the right audience and at the right time. At Booklogic, we are already aware that every partner/client has unique marketing goals. Hence, every email marketing campaign is given a unique and personalized approach to meet your goals.

How to succeed e-mail marketing for hotels

With proper planning, e-mail marketing for hotels can amp up your brand awareness

1. Get started with a list

In order for you to convert email subscribers into paying customers, it is essential to build a qualified and targeted email list. It will eventually lead to higher email open rates, higher click-through rates and finally, higher conversion rates.

2. Continuous evaluation of your list

Continuous assessment and evaluation of your current list is the key to growing it. Metrics like opening rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, revenue per subscriber tells you how your emails are performing in line with your objectives. These metrics also help you manage your content effectively.

3. Generate more leads

You need to include a simple opting or subscription form on your website. This is highly essential for collecting and growing a quality list. Also, guests can be officially asked to give drop their contact details in person when checking in or out of your hotel. This is another great method to growing your subscriber list.

4. Continuous branding

Continuous branding is very important for every business, as it can be the determining factor for success between you and competitors alike. Branding will also help increase customer loyalty, as well as make you an authority in your niche.

5. Showcase local attractions in relation to your offerings

Another great way of improving a hotel’s branding campaign is to send subscribers a personalized email showing local tourist attractions that guests may be interested in. The essence of doing this is to present your hotel as the best spot in proximity to these attractions.

6. Personalize every message

Knowing your subscribers in a more detailed and personal way, will let you deliver more relevant and targeted branding campaigns and messages. Segmenting them will equally help you differentiate their individual position in your sales funnel.