BookLogic’s Hotel Distribution System is well known for exceptional deliveries in results for its users. The system has been proven to deliver 200 million rooms per night, all year round. The system combines the use of proficient network tools like the GDS Global Distribution System, as well as the Internet Distribution System (IDS), to produce maximum exposure of its contents over a wide variety of networks across the internet. This in other words, gives the user massive targeted visibility, which translates into huge bookings/conversions.

High-End Global Distribution System GDS and IDS Connectivity

Go beyond borders and win reservations from all corners of the world. Experience the benefits of connecting your hotel brand with BookLogic’s unparalleled hotel distribution systems, where your hotel will automatically connect with the world’s renowned Global Distribution System for Hotels, such as Galileo, Amadeus, Worldspan and Sabre global distribution system. With these utmost valued GDSs, your hotel connects to more than 650,000 travel Agencies. Using the system will definitely get your brand exposed to millions of travelers across the world.

  • The BookLogic’s online hotel distribution enables you to get constant bookings via physical travel agencies.
  • With BookLogic’s Corporate and Consortium Agreement and RFP programs, you win increased profits and great conversions.

CRS and GDS: Ceaseless, Uninterrupted, Two-Way Connectivity

BookLogic’s next generation connectivity gateway offers seamless 2-Way Connectivity to both GDS Global Distribution System and Internet Distribution System. The benefits are as follows:

  • You can edit or update your hotel’s information with our 24/7 ceaseless 2-way connectivity, between BookLogic’s CRS and distribution systems.
  • Increase your hotel’s credibility by keeping its portfolio regular updated for Travel Agencies
  • With the BookLogic’s seamless 2-way connectivity, you can put updates instantly. You can also seamlessly monitor and administer your room inventory and rates on all existing sales channels via a singular CRS interface.
  • Some of the biggest sales channels that you can instantly connect to are:
    1. Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Wordspan
    2. Pegasus ODDr
    3. Internet Distribution System (IDS)

Full support for Consortia and RFP Programs: Special Merchant packages which includes Opaque and Flight Package Programs with Orbitz.com, Travelocity.com, Hotwire.com, Ehotel.com and various destinations around the World.

Rates that Suit your Budget

BookLogic aims to cater hospitality management solutions at budget-friendly prices. Our cost-effective and efficient Hotel Distribution System markets and sells your hotel’s high-end services, plus rooms quickly.

  • Due to our efficient commission based pricing system, you can minimize your hotel’s marketing expenses considerably.
  • Earn maximum profit with no entry fees, no installation charges and no annual service charges. We offer cost-free hospitality services on a win-win basis.



BookLogic’s core vision is to facilitate its users with cost-effective, time saving, maximized bookings and greater visibility hotel management solutions.

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