Google Hotel Ads and Partners Integration

Get connected to a trending advertising avenue called Google Hotel Ads, with official integration partner BookLogic. This relatively new distribution network from Google enables you to advertise your hotel across the world, whereby you place your rate and availability on Google Search Result, Google My Business Directory and Google Maps.


Why Google Hotel Ads is a must for hoteliers?

Catch the Eye of your Future Guests

Google ads (formerly known as Google Hotel Price Ads HPA) can serve up adverts to potential guests actively browsing properties like yours, and your destination, whether they are using desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Still, you will need no budget allocation since you can only be billed when someone clicks your ad, books and stays.

From the first tap to check out, you’re in the know

Google hotel ads will constantly help you increase your direct bookings. In the long run, this will make you rely on OTAs selling your room less. Having your own data will also allow you to analyze and use it to better understand your guests’ profiles and also advertise them in future;

More returning clients i.e. increased chances for those who once booked directly to use direct booking again.

Higher Conversion Rates

Google has a vast network and perfectly tailored hotel ads placements which makes them a vital partner in your marketing strategy. Besides that fact, many users report that you can also expect higher conversion rates in comparison to other meta-search platforms.

Partnership Models We Offer:

Cost per Click (CPC):

Google Hotel Ads CPC is a pricing model where you pay when a visitor clicks on your ad, and lands on your booking engine. Google will show your ads when visitors are searching your brand or conduct a search to book a hotel room in your locality. We first complete your Hotel Ads integration and make your inventory available to consume. But before anything goes live, we discuss and agree on a marketing plan for your adverts. Then our meta-search marketing experts assist you with management of your campaigns.

Commission Based:

Hotel Ads Commission (HPA) Program is a partnership model that you only pay a commission for confirmed bookings. You don’t have to make an initial investment using this payment model, and you only pay for results which matter – bookings!

How do Google Hotel Ad Placements work?

There are two ways your Hotel Ads get served up to your potential guests as they browse online.

#1 Google Natural Search Results – “Local Universal”

In this scenario, your potential guests are actively engaged and looking for a place to stay in your locality. For example, they may conduct a Google search using keywords like “hotels in Berlin”. A hotel ads box is then triggered (see image 1) and shown alongside the organic search results. Inside the ad box, your hotel and alternatives are listed with information such as prices and reviews.

Local universal results consist of ad listings triggered by branded search results. When a search engine query matches to your hotel brand, Google shows a “local one box” which contains a detailed card of your hotel. Alongside OTAs selling your room, an Advert linking to your official booking engine can also be included within your ad. Note that Google highlights and grants advantage to official website ads by entitling them “Official Website” with a badge.

#2 Google Map Results

Imagine your potential guest firstly and foremostly wants to book a hotel in a particular location. In this case, visitors may use Google Maps to look for hotels in the area where they want to stay. If they then search for “hotels in Berlin” they will see results like this:

The person browsing can then click on a hotel which catches their attention. Once they click on your property, the Hotel details card opens up which provides information extracted from your Google My Business page. Ad Listings from different providers are included which helps customers compare easily. Appearing in this context as the official website presents an excellent opportunity for your property to stand out.