Maxi Booking Hotel Booking Engine

Experience the high-end visual adaptability and compatibility with BookLogic’s Innovative Hotel Booking Engine. BookLogic is a trusted leader in hospitality industry for delivering one of the best hotel booking system that offers customized and personalized booking engine for hotel’s website.

Have you ever thought about unlocking the real potential of your hotel business? For this, explore the true options for maximizing your hotel reservations. Your hotel web portal is your biggest and the foremost tool to increase your visibility and maximize your revenues, only if you know how!

Essential Attributes of Good Hotel Booking Engine


MaxiBooking Engine has a beautiful and attractive design that is in line with modern trends and user interface that enhance user experience. We carefully analyzed the needs of the users, tested and created abooking engine with usability oriented approach, which guarantees improved conversion rates.


MaxiBooking Engine serves travelers and hotels from more than 100 countries throughout the world. Not only we have a global reach, but we guarantee 99.98% uptime, quick loading and fast response times.


There are vast options available for customizing our booking engine. Through the customizations, you can make booking engine appear like your official website. So that your potential guests will know booking engine is part of your hotel website and feels safe to complete booking. Furthermore, our engine has a wide variety of features and options to support your complex needs, but still allows your guests to reserve their desired accommodation in a matter of seconds


Users are extremely concerned about their internet security and they have the right to be. This is why the MaxiBooking Engine offers top safety in each critical task and layer. The security certifications highly recommended by experts are implemented to ensure users can browse and book deals safely.


Localization is a must-have to compete globalizing market. MaxiBooking Engine currently offers 29 different languages for visitors to choose from. On top of that, they can also book and see the rates on their own currency. Regardless of geographic location, booking engine will automatically be served on their own language and currency

Mobile Friendly

The statistics clearly show that the number of people browsing the internet via their smart phones and mobile devices is increasing every day. We made our Booking Engine fully responsive and mobile friendly so that user experience is maximized regardless of the device your website visitors use to browse the offers. Whether users are at home or on the go, they can book accommodation, adjust or cancel the booking, and seamlessly use all other features.

Key Features

IP Based Pricing Level

You can set and change your rates for certain countries, which leaves plenty of room to come up with the global pricing strategy.

2 Step Booking Process

It only takes two steps to complete the booking which aims to make the process simple for the users and increase conversion rates.

Detailed Campaigns and Promotions

You can create well restricted promotions and campaigns to fulfill your marketing strategy

Include Custom Packages& Extras

You can define custom packages and extras to enhance your guests stay.

Flight Package

MaxiBooking engine is designed to offer flight packages that can be sold in a single purchase.

Virtual POS Integration

MaxiBooking Engine gives you complete control over the payments and no extra step in processing them is necessary.

Cross Selling and Up Selling

MaxiBooking Engine is perfectly tailored for up-selling and cross selling that makes it possible to earn more from each deal.

Hosted Booking Engine Solution

MaxiBooking can be delivered as a self-hosted booking solution published under your hotel’s domain along with your official website

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