Hotel Channel Manager

BookLogic’s Channel Manager centralizes availability for all channels and escalates competitive rate management to maximize hotel bookings and revenues. BookLogic proposes an exceptional MaxiChannel, your personalized Hotel Channel Manager, which lets you customize, administer and manage your rates and availability in all sale zones or channels via multipurpose yet singular interface.


Why is Hotel Channel Management necessary ?

Give a quick BOOST to your Hotel Bookings, administer your Room Inventory and Manage Competitive Rates across all your contracted Online Travel Agencies and Meta-searches from a single screen.

Increase the Occupancy Rate

BookLogic’s Hotel Channel Manager is bundled with a pooled inventory to easily manage your room offering while making your rooms available on multiple OTAs. The fact that you are doing everything from a single panel makes administration simple while ensuring that you maximize the number of booked rooms. At the same time, overseeing everything prevents any chance of overbooking, which is vital to protect your hotel brand and maintain visitor trust.

Saving Time and Effort in Managing Prices

MaxiChannel | Hotel Channel Manager centralizes price management and makes it effortless. Thanks to numerous features added to our software, you can easily set prices, rates, minimum stay duration, and other details that are just a click away to complete. BookLogic’s The Rate Lizard allows you to use a single master rate to create rate plans and change rate & availability with just a click.

Boost Your Online Presence and Expand Reach

Over half of hotel reservations is made online, which is why you need to consider boosting your internet presence and expanding your reach to more customers. MaxiChannel allows you to easily identify and connect with OTAs and other hotel channels. This allows you to increase your online presence and make your accommodation available to customers from throughout the world.

Focus on Improving the Operational Efficiency of Your Hotel

MaxiChannel allows you to improve your hotel’s operational efficiency by connecting your PMS dashboard to multiple online channels offering accommodation in your hotel. This saves hours of your time and enables you to use them on other hotel management tasks.

BookLogic’s hotel channel management solution presents a three-way communication principle which ensures that any changes you make on the system are updated across all platforms in real-time, leaving one in a million chances for errors.

  1. Change information on rates and availabilities of rooms on multiple OTAs in just a couple of clicks.
  2. Import all reservations from online selling platforms into your MaxiChannel. This enables you to have accurate information regarding the available rooms at any time.
  3. In case a cancelation arrives though a single selling channel, the information is immediately changed across all OTAs.

MaxiChannel Key Features

  • Centralized Static Content Management
  • Centralized Promotion Management
  • 200+ channel integrations
  • 3-way communication
  • Pool Inventory
  • Automatic Allocation & Rate Management
  • Ability to set different prices and availability for different channels
  • Instant Updates in seconds
  • PMS Integrations
  • Connecting you to the channels you don’t work with
  • Rate Lizard to ease rate management
  • Dynamic Policies to define discounts and constrains

MaxiChannel is part of BookLogic Suite and fully integrated with:

  • BookLogic CRS
  • MaxiBooking Booking Engine
  • BookLogic IDS
  • BookLogic GDS
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