Hotel Meta-search & Meta-search Marketing

Meta-search is a unique concept that uses third-party providers to return search results. The hotel meta-search engines display the rates and their real-time room availability based on other booking engines’ data. If you would like to increase your hotels or hotel chain’s visibility, reach more people through metasearch engines and increase direct bookings, we can help you to make it happen!


How BookLogic can maximize your direct bookings through its Meta Search Connectivity?

  • Instant connectivity to hotel metasearch engines like Google, Sky scanner, Trivago, Trip advisor, We Go, Kayak, etc.
  • Each meta-search is dynamically connected to BookLogic CRS querying billions of your hotel data to offer your inventory through their network
  • Improved visibility through hotel meta-search advertising
  • Update your rates and availability instantly in Google, Sky scanner, Trip Advisor, Trivago, etc.
  • High conversion rate through metasearch engines
  • Full inventory & bookability in all meta search engines

Most visited hotel meta-search platforms we support

Google Hotel Ads

The Google Hotel Ads presents a new way of metasearch marketing for finding and comparing hotels


Trip Advisor is the most visited travel website in the world. Statistics show that it has over 375 million new visitors every month.


Sky scanner has boosted its market position and now connects your hotel to millions of unique customers every month across 31 countries.


Trivago is one of the newer hotel metasearch engines that have a large market share across Europe.


Kayak is owned and operated by Booking.com. This metasearch engine searches numerous other sites and displays all offers in an intuitive and concise way.


Wego is focused on the Middle East and the Asia Pacific and features popular travel search sites and mobile apps for travelers from these areas.


Based in Germany, Idealo provides comparisons of hotel prices along with other types of products. Although it is mostly used in German speaking countries, it is incredibly popular and extensive.

Be visible Everywhere Possible

As a hotelier, you need to use a combination of different channels to increase the hotel’s visibility. It is imperative for hotel owners and marketers to consider meta-search engines as another platform to showcase their hotels to potential customers and increase direct bookings.

 Build up your own client base

When a guest books your room via an online traveling agency, you miss out on key information about them. By offering direct bookings, you can compete with OTAs and other hotels and build your own client base. This will help you to create an audience to target your ads to be displayed.

Local Search is shifting towards a subscription model

We already know that Google is monetizing search engine marketing. After initializing hotel ads panel in various ways, Google map rack has also seen changes to expand its local search. Besides that, Google introduced a new panel for hotel ads that is utilized for local hotel searches like “hotels in Berlin”