Hotel Review and Reputation Management Software

Brand Manager is the most efficient standalone reputation management software to monitor online reviews, feedback and several other media about your hotel and provides semantic analysis of your guests’ reviews and testimonials. It allows you to build up your hotel’s reputation, support your brand, manage your social media channels and maintain your hotel’s corporate identity. You can immediately start enhancing your corporate image and administer your needs related to social media via BookLogic Brand Manager.


What is Brand Manager?

In today’s world, Where online communication systems effectively connect millions of people with each other, the role played by customer reviews and interactions have become much more crucial for the corporate identity of hotels. Nowadays, what encourages visitors to choose a hotel is not just about its facilities and amenities, but also about the past experiences of visitors of that hotel. In order for you to keep track of the comments from your guests, reach a well-prepared and classified report about the content of these comments and benefit from a semantic analysis, so as to compare your hotel’s ranking with the neighboring ones. All you need is compiled in one single application, The BookLogic’s Brand Manager, which also combines other apps referred to as the Hotel Review, Reputation and Social Media Management Tools, to give you a complete package.


Depending on the number of the properties and brands of your hotel, you can choose among three specifically designed editions of the BookLogic Hotel Brand Manager: Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The Standard and Premium editions are particularly developed for individual hotels or serviced apartment properties with single brands. The latter goes beyond just compiling data from social media, but equally provides the user with the opportunity to administer all the analytics about the hotel through a unique brand performance dashboard. The Premium edition also displays various data related to internal performance, daily booking rate, average daily rate, occupancy rate, web traffic and guest satisfaction. The enterprise edition includes all the features of the other two editions and basically targets hotels and apartment companies with multiple properties and brands. For more details about the peculiar characteristics of each edition, you can reach us.

What is it used for?

Taking into consideration the data and statistics of your hotel and 5 other rival hotels, Brand Manager compiles individual reports based on various criteria such as housekeeping, reception, eating facilities, rooms/suites to support an effective review management. This in return, provides your hotel with the unique opportunity to collocate guest reviews and feedback about the hotels within your neighborhood. Through this comparison, Brand Manager readily calculates the rating of your hotel as well as gives you the chance to be more interactive with users; you can then reply, forward, report and/or comment on several posts sent by your guests, as you deem appropriate.

With Brand Manager, you have no reason to be worried about missing the mentions of your property across popular new media and social networking platforms. Social Media Management – Social Media Mentions Report is specifically designed to keep track of your hotel name and reputation, not only on video and photo sharing sites, but also on micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, regular blogs related, tourism forums and other platforms. This report enables you to access who said what about your property within a few seconds.
If you want to be actively involved with the online conversations about your hotel on social media social media; BookLogic’s Brand Manager is the application you are looking for.

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