Online Hotel Booking and Reservation System

Presently, BookLogic – Online Hotel Booking System is one of the most complete and growth amplifying travel software suit in the hospitality market, matchless to any other! Offering immense, hotel reservation and distribution solutions, the convenience is immeasurable. With a huge database-having for over 200,000 unique hotels, resorts and guest houses, our smart hotel reservation system offers smart B2B, B2C and B2B2C solutions for your spontaneous growth worldwide.


BookLogic Empowers Your Hospitality Brand To Get Booked In No Time!

BookLogic Offers Aggressive Growth, yet Affordable…

With BookLogic’s Online Hotel Booking System – you’ll enjoy quicker growth, extensive bookings and faster recognition at much affordable and unbeatable rates. We ensure,

  • Our collection of software supports B2B, B2C, and B2B2C operations
  • 24/7 support, free consultation and action oriented follow-ups
  • Safe and secure agreements between you and multiple suppliers
  • Advanced user compatibility, Mark up and Currency discipline
  • Powerful integrations with seamless workflow
  • Innovative approach at constant improvement
  • Long term investment at affordable rates

Meeting the challenge of accurately combining the right resources and services with the well-constructed distribution channels, BookLogic’s best hotel booking system ensures your sales remain elevated and exponentially high.

No matter what your choice is, whether to integrate BookLogic’s API to your current system or begin using our sophisticated hotel booking system, we are there to help you all the way.

Advantages of Online Hotel Reservation Systems

The System Enables a 24 hours Availability

An online reservation system can be available for bookings 24 hours. You no longer need to be constrained or limited to a specific number of working hours. This brings about more productivity and sales.

Simple Bookings Management

Due to its effective and efficient structure, you can easily manage your bookings and get more work done.

Use data insights to grow your business

Online hotel reservation systems are designed to continually collect data. These data ranges from your guest profile, service preferences, all the way to reviews. You can use these insights to gain more knowledge on better ways to improve your services and increase your customer base.

Wider reach via social media

Online booking system gives you the opportunity to increase your sales through social media. On social media, you can re-target clients via engaging and relevant posts, as well as up-sell new products and services to already satisfied customers.

Better and more secure payment options

With hotel booking systems, customers get to enjoy a more user friendly service, where they can choose from more than 1 payment option. Payments are also more secure with the integration of highly secure third party payment platforms.

Increases Efficiency

The system increases your booking efficiency and optimizes your sales process. Updates are easily and automatically made to provide real time rate and availability.

Grow with the trend

Every hotel wants to make profit as much as possible and increase its customer base. Having a reservation system not only allows you to rely on cold calling and walk-ins alone, but let’s you attract and reach more of your customers in their thousands at the same time, right from the comfort of your location. Everyone is online nowadays, so what better way to reach them than to have your hotel easily reachable and accessible online.

Professionally, technically and economically!

We work and develop as a TEAM, offering services and exclusive travel products that incorporate you to grow above by enhancing your B2B and B2C operations. So what are you waiting for?

  • with BookLogic – Get tuned to a huge platform of multiple hotel wholesaler
  • with BookLogic – Uplift your agent’s corporate growth with our B2B System
  • with BookLogic – Enhance your hotel recognition and online presence with our B2C System