Social Media Management & Marketing for Hotels

The social media marketing team at Booklogic offer services and solutions specifically tailored to meet your social media goals. Our main objective is to ensure you understand who your target audience is, what they want in relation to your products and services, as well as help position you to provide solution to these wants. By so doing, you become an authority within your industry, as well as gain rapid increase in revenue and clientele. A win, win for all.


Why is social media marketing for hotels necessary?

According to statista.com, a popular site for statistics and facts, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users worldwide in 2019, this is in comparison to 2.47 billion social media users in 2017. With this kind of speculation and find, what comes to mind?

The obvious of course! Everyone is on social media, every person you can think of; who is mostly likely to patronize you is on one social media platform or the other. Knowing this then, how best should you position yourself as a business? This is where social media marketing comes to play.

Social media marketing then helps you attract your ideal audience via your messages, helps you promote your brand, engage appropriately and efficiently with your audience/customers, as well as boots your search results with regards to search terms (keywords) directly or indirectly related to your brand.

Benefits of utilizing social media marketing:

  • You can use insights from social media metrics to understand a lot about how your target customers relate with your brand.
  • Social media marketing helps you reach out to thousands of your target audience at the same time, in real time, at a much lesser cost
  • It helps building up brand awareness
  • Successful social media marketing campaigns help drive a lot of targeted traffic back to your website and improve your SEO performance.

How we can help you

As experienced professionals, we will effectively optimize, and improve your social media reach.

  • Utilize relevant posts to engage your audience
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase your direct bookings

 Social Media Strategy

Our team will examine what your audiences want via engaging and relevant posts, periodic contests, polls and surveys. This knowledge will shape your marketing strategy and help create winning campaigns for your brand, all the time.

Social Media Account Review

We will review all existing social accounts, to determine where you are in terms of online presence, level of performance and audience engagement. The result gotten from the review will enable us have a clear understanding as to how best to approach your campaigns.

Managing Your Social Accounts

We will manage every social account you have, making sure that updates are relevant and posted regularly in accordance with a social media calendar.

Continuous Market Study

We will continue to study your market on a regular basis, as well as follow up with competitors to see what works for them and how you can better optimize your marketing processes, so as to get better results (conversions). The essence is to make sure all campaigns perform as expected.

Content Plan

A content plan will be created in order to help manage your expectations, as well as give you a road map as to how results will be achieved. All content scheduled will be done in relation to the data acquired via continuous market analysis.

Full-Service social media management:

We will work out all necessary planning, content creation and regular scheduling with your approval of course. Our in house graphics designer will be in charge of all creative. Our in house social media consultant will be the touch point for all matters regarding all social accounts.

Client reports

Social media reports submitted will be done monthly or quarterly, depending on agreement. Reports will also highlight periodic performance in terms of brand awareness, audience engagement, leads acquisition and conversions.