Travel Agency Software | Travel Agent Booking System

BookLogic is a singular solution providing travel agency software consisting travel agent booking system, developed to offer unparalleled travel management services for agencies and independent tour operators. It is a platform that offers a collective list of comprehensive booking engines for hotels, hotel-transfer, air, car rental, transfer, excursion, boat rental, yachting, customized packages, dynamic packages and various other tourism activities.


Automation System for Agencies and Tour Operators

Complex tasks require wellthought-out solutions. Differing from other booking systems for agencies, BookLogic offers a smooth carting system to provide a continuous flow to search and explore diversifying booking plans and supports both, manual & dynamic packaging features. Thus, it is an unheard-of orientation towards hospitality industry, helps in monetizing and expanding your travel services business.

BookLogic’s Travel Agency Software is a well functional solution and a sophisticated management tool for travel activities and the online booking system. Some of the tourism services it includes are online flight reservations, car-rental, hotel, transfer, excursion, tour, packaging, cruises, boat rentals, yachting and etc. Among countless, some of the best online travel agencies and tour operators are equipped with BookLogic to manage and sell tourism services effectively and efficiently for Business to Business and Business to Consumer (B2B & B2C).

BookLogic robust functionality helps in offering detailed proposals that not only increase sales but contributes in elevating conversions. It is a two-way automation system that allows users to check and notify both outgoing and incoming needs of travel agencies and independent online travel agents.

Tour Operators and travel agencies from all around the world can instantly systemize and establish activities in their work places, and can propose online reservation for their tourism services via BookLogic’s multiple modules.

With its integrated reports and statistics, it showcase unbiased hotel rate comparison that supports in making quick decisions and deals.

In a nutshell, BookLogic ground values are set to achieve customer’s satisfaction, provide cost-effective and time saving solutions to all those, associated with hospitality and tourism industry. Whether it is travel agents, operators, agencies, sub agencies or business partners, BookLogic is a complete tool to manage and execute travel plans and services.

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Some of the outstanding opportunities it offers:

  • It helps Organize, Systemize and Manage marketing and advertising activities flawlessly
  • Administer reservations and manage financial analysis efficiently
  • Offers unhindered connection with 3rd party portals through XML connection
  • Administer and conduct daily tour operations and functional works

Definite set of features are:

  • Offers dynamic Content Management through its built in CMS system
  • Provide a solution based on latest technologies
  • Offers flawless management for handling accounts and financial records
  • Supports excellent customer management through its CRM
  • Collects and organize travel services from all around the world
  • Seamlessly integrated through XML interface with third party system