Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5.5 is now integrated with BookLogic CRS V1

We, as BookLogic, are very glad to announce the validated integration of the new BookLogic CRS Version with Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5.5. From now on, you don’t have to worry about your property’s availability and rate management on various sales channels if you use Hospitality OPERA 5.5 Property Management System (PMS)! BookLogic’s tailored and user-friendly Central Reservation System (CRS) takes care of this whole process for you while maximizing your property’s revenue.

Get ready for maximized bookings, optimized hotel sales operations and highlighted online presence while saving time and effort with BookLogic’s convenient Central Reservation System (CRS) Version 1! You will be able to manage your bookings and ARI data on your PMS and distribute to various sales channels, OTAs and B2Bs from your Property Management System with the help of seamless connection between your hotel’s OPERA 5.5 PMS and our new CRS Version. Basically, your Property Management System will be updated instantly with any bookings coming from various hotel sales channels including Global Distribution Systems, Online Travel Agencies and Meta-search Engines; and your PMS will update all your sales and distribution channels with most current Rates & Availability.

BookLogic, as a Gold Level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN), have achieved Oracle Validated Integration by meeting strict requirements determined by Oracle to maximize our clients’ satisfaction level. For more information, please visit

Advantages of this Integration:
●Maximized Revenue & Profitability
●Enhanced Brand & Corporate Image
●Highlighted Online Presence
●Boosted Occupancy Rates
●Increased Operational Efficiency
●Greater Guest Experience
●Higher Conversion Rates
●A Huge Effort- and Time-saver
●Instant Updates
●No More Overbooking Issues (if not on purpose)

Start maximizing your revenue, highlight your online presence and save more time for your property’s operational excellence with the connection between your OPERA 5.5 PMS and BookLogic CRS Version 1!

About Oracle Hospitality – OPERA
Oracle’s Hospitality OPERA 5.5 is a comprehensive Property Management System maximizing your hotel’s operational efficiency. It enables you to offer great guest experiences by streamlining operations while maximizing your property’s revenue and occupancy. You will easily achieve operational excellence with the integration between different departments of your property including Front Desk, Housekeeping and many other departments of your choice while maximizing your profitability with its advanced rate management.

About BookLogic
BookLogic CRS Version 1 is an industry-leading and revenue maximizing hotel Central Reservation System that enables you to manage your property’s availability, content, promotions, rates, and range of rooms on various sales channels from a single panel. It is completely web-based and easy to implement. It offers unlimited global access allowing you to reach your potential guests booking online or offline via the reservation module. Additionally, it provides unlimited virtual accessibility and visibility with its multi-functional and up-to-date design. Manage your rates easily and maximize your revenue via its IP-based Pricing & Availability Module and connection to over 350 channels.